2021, 02:00 Digital Video 
flâneur is a performative video artwork that considers the past, present and future states of our environment in an increasingly digitalised era. Utilising machine-learning technology, archival photographs of Singapore are visually eroded through a recurring process of upscaling and downsizing, synonymous with the constant re-framing and re-construction of the city. The archival photographs in this work, referencing modern photographers such as Lim Kwong Ling, obscure time and space to create a digital playground for the flâneur, who weaves in and out of frame. She is sometimes an observer of society and other times, a performer for the media-infused world. Walking and drifting, she ponders about her place in the rapidly changing city by adopting ideas of dérive, an unplanned journey subconsciously directed by the landscape.
An Uncanny Assortment of Objects, VT Art Salon, Taiwan
About Routes, Not Roots, Art Agenda S.E.A, Singapore

Special Thanks
Mr Lim Kwong Ling
Vivyan Yeo
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